Whitepaper V2.1

The gatekeeper of the decentralized gaming universe. The key holder of the gateway between Web 2.0 and 3.0… And the passage to True Ownership and Blockchain revolution…

Formed by multinational industry veterans, Janus Interactive is a video game development studio based in London.

Our mission is to expand the boundaries of the gaming ecosystem by bringing Blockchain technology into online games.

A gateway to the past and the future with fragments of dimensions.Here, we build a new dimension where games are entertaining and accessible for the benefit of all participants.

As Janus Interactive, our main focus will always be GAME FIRST! We want to be a gateway between Web2 & Web3 players, so it’s essential for us to create a seamless, visually intriguing game while breaking barriers/setting new dimensions along the way.

Let’s stand at the ‘gate’ and have fun together!

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