Units are the primary cards used in Storm Warfare. They are permanent types of cards that are placed on the battlefield. They can be used to attack or protect the Commander. They also often bring victory and have special effects.

There are five main unit types:

Infantry is the most basic unit and the most common class in Storm Warfare. It is usually the backbone of a deck. There are five sub-categories of Infantry units: Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Paratroopers, Special Operations and Mechanized Infantry.

Tanks are a less common unit type in Storm Warfare. However, they have tremendous firepower, and a deck can be built around them. There are four sub-categories of tank units: Light, Medium, Heavy and Tank Destroyers.

Air units are relatively rare in Storm Warfare. They are effective against most unit types but are vulnerable to anti-aircraft units. There are six sub-categories of Aircraft units: Light Fighter, Medium Fighter, Medium Bomber, Heavy Bomber, Dive Bomber and Strategic Bomber.

Navy cards are rare but very effective in the game. They are very supportive of infantry cards and can act as the main force. There are eight sub-categories of naval units: Submarine, Destroyer, Aircraft Carrier, Battleship, Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Destroyer and Landing Craft.

As the name suggests, Support Units are used to heal other cards, fix units, repair, and perform other support functions. Although easily destroyed, they can change the course of a battle if played at the right time. There are 5 sub-categories of Support Units: Medics-Infantry Support, Armour Support, Artillery Support, Air Support and Naval Support.

The main and sub-categories have different variations of damage on other classes.

For example, an anti-tank unit can potentially do the most damage to a tank unit but has low effectiveness against an aircraft. This adds more strategic variety to the gameplay.

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