10.1. NFT Products

NFT Commanders:

As Commanders age, they will become more valuable than the others, and upgrading them will be crucial. As players continue to play and upgrade their Commanders, their value will increase, and so will their price. Players will be able to rent powerful Commanders for a few games at auction or buy them permanently to use in Ranked PvP. Each Commander is uniquely created by the system.


Players can also auction off their cards. When they receive cards (Unit Cards, Event Cards, Hero Cards, Weapon Cards) from booster packs or earn them through missions, they can put them up for auction.

Through auctions, Marketplace will be a viable method to acquire specific cards.

Battle Boards:

Battle Boards define battlegrounds upon which Storm Warfare matches are played. Battle Boards are based on historic moments and iconic battlefields of WW2.

Once equipped with a deck, the player will be able to combat enemy Zero planes over the endless blue of the Pacific, reenact the greatest tank battle in history at Kursk, and play matches in other key moments of WW2 history.

Card Backs:

Card backs are the most artistic cosmetic in the game, as they represent the player's approach to their decks. Card backs can be earned through the Ranked PvP mode, bought from the Store or through other players from the Marketplace. They also come with unique animations as well.

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