Storm Warfare is a turn-based strategy card game. Players join a match with Decks of 30 cards with the ultimate goal of defeating the enemy Commander by lowering their Defence to 0.

Playing a card costs Command Points. Players earn one Command Point on each of their turns. With the cost of Command Points, players can play Units, Event cards, Hero cards, use Commander Abilities, and equip Weapons. The highest value of Command Points players can earn in total is 10. Early on, having limited resources allows players to take a more strategic approach to choosing the right cards to play, strategizing future turns, and making plans for using synergistic cards in combination to build advanced strategies. Having more Command Points allows players to use stronger cards or multiple cards that can drastically alter how a game is played out.

Although Players are granted a pre-made set of decks to play, deck building is an essential part of the road to victory. Creating a balanced deck, using cards that work well together, and having conditional cards that allow Commanders to get out of difficult situations are all part of the strategy and forward-thinking that differentiates one player from another.

Factions offer many varieties of strategies and different styles of play. Players with a deeper understanding of game play elements will often find unique and creative ways to unearth never-tried tactics and combinations by using different factions and Commander types.

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