6.1. Commander Types

Commanders in Storm Warfare are one of the important tradable NFT assets of the game. Regardless of their type, all Commanders age, earn rank change and uniforms and get awarded medals based on their accomplishments. Commanders start and end up in different ranks. (For more details, please see the 6.5. Commander Ranks section.)

Basic Commanders: These commanders are 25 Commanders that are given out to every player of the Storm Warfare. These 25 commanders have set names and faces. Basic Commanders can access all the features of the game, attend matches, and progress through their careers and the game. Basic Commanders start their Career from the rank of Sergeant and can progress up to the rank of Colonel.

Premium Commanders: Limited to 10.000 Premium Commanders, each Premium Commander is completely unique with a one-of-a-kind face and name. They start their progression from the Rank of Second Lieutenant and can reach up to the rank of General of the Army. Premium Commanders, though without in-game advantages, hold unique value and rarity, making them sought after in the Marketplace.

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