9.2. DECKS

A Storm Warfare deck is built around a combination of military units to support the battle strategies of their Commander. Based on a given battle strategy, players will build their decks using a variety of Units, Events, Weapons, and Heroes. The Deck is a collection of 30 cards assembled before a match, and it is the platform on the board from which players draw cards during game play.

Decks are essential assets for any PvP modes in Storm Warfare. Players can have as many decks as they like for their various strategies on the battlefield, but must choose one deck to play with for a given match.

There are no preset decks in Battlefield mode.

Commanders require a Deck to be able to play matches. Decks are subject to the following rules:

  • A Commander must be selected to create a Deck. Commanders can only use cards from their faction.

  • Each Deck must contain 30 cards.

  • A Deck can have a Battle Board. Each player has a set of Battle Boards. Players can unlock new Battle Boards as they progress through the game.

  • Two copies of a single card are allowed in a deck, except Elite and Legendary cards. Only one copy of Elite cards is allowed. Decks can only contain a single Legendary Hero card.

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