Players can build their Decks to play as any one of the major World War 2 powers, represented as factions in Storm Warfare. Each faction has a different set of cards, features, tactics, and play styles. This creates various viable options for strategic depth and diversity.

Germany :

The German "Blitzkrieg" was a type of offensive warfare characterized by surprise and speed of movement. The Wehrmacht utilized a combination of tanks, air support, motorized infantry, artillery and psychological shock as its primary war doctrine. Germany launched aggressive military campaigns throughout the war to expand its territory and influence in Europe.

The German cards are designed with controlled aggression in mind. German often uses a balanced combination of Event cards and aggressive unit effects to inflict as much damage as possible.

United States :

The US possessed the most economic resources, military supplies and combat power in the Second World War. With a homeland protected by two vast oceans, high-tech weapons and a highly skilled workforce, the US Army was designed from the beginning to launch aggressive military campaigns in almost every theatre of war.

Controlling the fate of the battle is always possible with the versatile United States cards. The US has a healthy mix of high-attack and long-lasting cards, with a wide variety of Event cards to keep resources flowing.

United Kingdom :

The British forces were renowned for their indomitable spirit and determination to defend their island at any cost during World War II. Equipped with the latest radar technology and an excellent surface fleet, the UK was able to hold off German aggression.

In the game, British Commanders excel at controlling the battlefield by using high defense units and Event cards to fortify their positions and create an impenetrable wall against invaders.

Japan :

Commanded by the Emperor and inspired by the way of the Samurai, the Empire of Japan had the finest army, navy and air force in the Far East during the Second World War. With highly trained personnel, modern weaponry and strategically placed naval and air bases, Japan launched aggressive military campaigns to expand its influence in the region.

The Empire of Japan decks in Storm Warfare are designed for relentless aggression, overwhelming the enemy with expendable units and replacing them with even more aggressive units until victory is achieved. Playing against a Japanese deck without proper precautions often leads to a bitter defeat.

Soviet Union :

The rewards of Stalin's rapid industrialization were reaped by the Soviet Union to protect their Motherland with almost unlimited human resources and a gigantic military industry. The Soviet Union's determined resistance and eventual counter-offensive played a decisive role in turning the tide of the war in the Allies' favour.

The Soviet Union prioritizes versatility and mixed play. Cards with strong Death Toll effects ensure they perform vital functions even as they are destroyed. Soviet Union cards often reinforce other cards in their faction. Big plays and reactive moves with Soviet decks are always on the cards. As long as the numbers are on their sides, victory is within reach.

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