4.6. Battlefield

Battlefield mode offers a unique multi-step-based, deck drafting mode where the players are expected to win up to 15 matches, with each win resulting in a potential for greater rewards. Upon entering the Battlefield, players will be asked to draft their decks from a subset of all available cards. Once a deck is complete, players will be able to take on other players to advance to further steps for rewards. To keep the earned rewards players will need to reach checkpoints where they can either end their run and claim their rewards or they can decide to march further on for bigger and better rewards. Players can only keep their winnings after they reach a checkpoint so there will always be a risk of losing earned rewards in between checkpoints. This assures players to decide how much they believe in their deck drafting skills as much as their game play capabilities. For many skilled players, Battlefield Mode will be the fastest way to earn $JAN and in-game cards, and for others it will provide a high-risk high-reward form of game play, where every match could be their last.

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