The greatest conflict in the history of mankind: World War 2. More than 30 countries… Over 100 million soldiers...

Storm Warfare is a free-to-play Digital Collectable Card Game (DCCG) that combines strategic deck-building elements with the features of NFT card and token-based trading. Storm Warfare creates an ecosystem where the players compete in ranked matches for greater rewards, build a collection of playable NFT cards, and trade those cards through the player-driven free market economy.

Players begin Storm Warfare with 150 free cards and pre-built basic starter Decks, which are unlocked after completing the basic tutorial. After this point, players can either play with premade decks that professional designers expertly combine or build their own decks, crafting tactics and strategies derived from their play style. Players can then further build their collection and customize their decks with an assortment of cards that they earn, trade, or purchase. Acquiring different cards opens paths to new strategies and tactics.

Commanders make up one of the main aspects of the game, as well as being an important tradable asset. Through ranking up in their military force, Commanders can earn passive bonuses for obtaining new cards. Earning rare and unique medals further helps Commanders become a valuable tradable asset.

Commanders are in-game representations of players during Storm Warfare matches. Each Commander is associated with a specific Class, which determines the Commander's unique cards and special powers. Commanders start the game with 30 Defence. If their Defence drops to zero, the Commander dies, and the player loses the game.

Each player can have an unlimited number of Commanders from any faction. For example, a player who controls an Infantry Commander may wish to also have a Tank Commander to develop a better strategy for tank-oriented battlefield conditions. In this case, the player has three options:

1. Renting Commanders of different Classes from other players.

2. Selling the Infantry Class Commander to start a new career.

3. Buying a Commander from the Marketplace.

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