Matches in Storm Warfare are played with the ultimate goal of reducing the enemy Commander’s Defence to zero, blowing their bunker up and winning the game.

Each game starts with a mulligan phase, where players can decide either to keep or change their starting cards. The second player to start gets to swap one additional card and earns a “Counter-offensive” event card at the end of this stage. The Counter-offensive card allows players to earn one additional Command Point for a single turn.

Players start the game with a single Command Point (CP). On each of their turns, they earn one additional Command Point. Command Points are required to play all types of cards. When a card is played from the hand, the Command Point cost of the card is reduced from the Commander's total Command Point pool for the rest of the turn. As long as they have enough CP's and space to play cards on the field, players can play as many cards as they like.

Using Command Points, players can perform multiple actions:

  • Play a card from their hand (Unit, Event, Hero, Weapon Cards)

  • Activate a Commander Ability

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