1. JAN ID:

    • Multi-chain wallet and authentication provider.

    • Supports Web3 (e.g., Metamask) and Web2 social login (e.g., Gmail, Twitter).

    • Manages NFTs, game assets, and enables community voting for users.

  2. Janus MarketPlace:

    • Traditional NFT marketplace within the ecosystem.

    • Monetizes game assets and collections.

    • Aims to keep users engaged, facilitating fee-less asset transfers while generating revenue through platform trading fees.

  3. Games:

    • Storm Warfare and our future games are core to the business.

    • Contributes to user retention and revenue through various channels, including in-game asset sales, microtransactions, and NFT marketplace fees.

Revenue Generation Strategy - B2C:

  1. NFT Sales:

    • Revenue generated by selling NFTs related to in-game characters, weapons, skins, cosmetics, and other collectibles.

  2. Microtransactions:

    • Steady revenue from in-game transactions such as season passes, tournament tickets, and other microtransactions.

  3. NFT Marketplace Fees & Royalties:

    • Earns revenue through fees charged for trades and transactions within the Janus Marketplace and secondary marketplaces.

    • Additionally, royalties from secondary market transactions contribute to revenue.

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