Uses & Benefits

  1. Stake for In-Game Benefits:

    • Users can stake their tokens to unlock in-game benefits, such as discounts on purchases, exclusive access to tournaments, season passes, and regular drops of unique in-game items, enhancing their gaming experience.

  2. Stake for Dynamic APY% Pool:

    • Long-term token staking allows users to earn rewards through a dynamic annual percentage yield (APY) pool generated from the ecosystem's revenue. Users can passively earn rewards based on the utility's performance, distributed after the token buy-back process.

  3. Stake for Unique Royalties Access:

    • Token holders can stake their tokens to access unique royalties generated by content creators within the ecosystem, offering an additional stream of income based on popular content.

  4. Use for Limited Exclusive Gaming NFT Mints:

    • The token serves as a gateway for users to access limited exclusive gaming non-fungible token (NFT) mints, providing unique digital assets representing in-game items, characters, or collectables with both monetary and sentimental value.

  5. Use for In-Game Purchases in Marketplace:

    • Users can utilize the token for various in-game purchases, including items, equipment, upgrades, tournament tickets, and season passes within the Marketplace.

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