Standard Abilities of Unit Cards

Keywords on cards give them certain properties and abilities. The purpose of keywords is to allow cards to be easily recognized by their abilities and to create familiarity when a new card is introduced. Cards with abilities that do not fit into predefined keywords can have unique abilities that are detailed and explained on the cards themselves.

The current keywords and effects a unit card can have are given in detail below:



A unit returns back to the owner’s hand from the field. Returning to the hand resets the card, removing all abilities on it.

Restore health

Heals a Commander or a unit by the stated amount, up to but not beyond their current maximum Health. (Restores health to buffed state)


Gain an ability. Ex; gaining CP, Protected keyword for Commander or ATK/DEF point for a unit.


Giving ATK/DEF to a unit, or DEF to a Commander. This can exceed maximum DEF.

Deal damage

Deals damage to a character, attempting to reduce its Health by the stated amount. This is not combat damage, it’s an ability damage.


Destroys a unit, weapon or Hero without dealing damage to it. This counts as death and abilities like Death Toll will still work.


Causes the player to discard one or more cards from their hand.

Can’t attack

Prevents a card from attacking.

Can’t attack commanders

Prevents a card from attacking a Commander.

Can’t be played

Prevents a card from being played to the field.

Can’t play

Prevents a player from playing that/a card.

Can’t be targeted

Prevents a card from being targeted by any card effect, including events and ability keywords.

Can’t retreat

Prevents a card from being retreated to the owner's hand from the field.

Card draw

Causes the players to draw one or more cards from their deck. This is not a start turn draw.

Ability loss

The unit loses its keyword abilities.

Call in

Calls a new card, generally stated in the unit, and placed into the player’s side of the board.


Triggers an ability keyword once again.

Put into play

Directly places a card from the player's deck or hand into the battlefield, without triggering any Deploy keywords (because Deploy keyword works if only played normally from hand)

Put into hand

Draws cards of a specific type directly from the player's deck and places them into the player's hand.

Put on deck

Adds cards to the player's deck without shuffling it in the process, or changes the order of cards in the deck.

Look at

Look at any players’ top card of the deck, or cards in hand.

Use twice

An ability can work twice in one turn.

Each unity type

Does something for each unit type you control. For example, a card deals 1 damage for each unit type you control. If you control Infantry, Support and Tank, the card deals 3 damage.

Reduce the cost

Reduce the CP cost of a card in hand. If the card is played on the field and retreats back to the hand, the CP cost reducement is reset.

Receives (-#)

A card or a Commander receives # more damage from any source. This can be used as “receives no damage” as well.

As long as

A card or a Commander keeps an ability as long as the stated card is in play or has a continuous effect.

Set ATK equal to DEF / DEF equal to ATK

Sets the unit’s ATK point equal to its DEF or vice versa. Retreating, destroying or removing the unit from play removes the effect.

Until next turn

Stated effect continues until the next turn of the effect owner.

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